Professional Use

Professional Use
PEPOPA deodorant/disinfectant [For cars]


PEPOPA is a professional use deodorant and disinfectant for cars.
PEPOPA resets bad odors that are ingrained in automobiles in about one hour.
The chlorine dioxide gas generated by PEPOPA for cars is disseminated throughout everywhere inside the vehicle and deodorizes and eliminates bacteria inside and out of the seats and air conditioner. One set of PEPOPA corresponds to the size of one box car (10-seater).


PEPOPA shows fantastic effects in deodorizing and eliminating bacteria for the smell of cigarettes, mold, vomit, and pets, as well as for viruses and bacteria in general.


A complete new shape
of the deodorization of cars.

Deodorization and disinfectant!!

1Resets ingrained odors and bacteria from the source!
Chemically decomposes strong, ingrained odors such as those from cigarettes and pets, and eliminates the source of the smell.

2Set up takes 3 minutes, so the only thing you need to do is to leave it as is for 1 hour!
Also, there is no need to wipe the inside of the vehicle or to get services such as aftercare.

3Because PEPOPA is a gas that diffuses, it can decompose odors and bacteria inside and out!
PEPOPA efficiently deodorizes and eliminates bacteria in the entirety of a vehicle, from the ceiling where it is hard to reach, to the gap of seats, and more.

4No heat or fire needed!
There is no need to worry about burning yourself or causing a fire. You also need not worry about curing the whole vehicle, etc.

PEPOPA can solve problems in your car.
  • The smell of cigarettes
  • The smell of air conditioners
  • The smell of pets
  • The smell of vomit, smell of urine and excrement
  • Odors smoked into seat
  • The smell in the loading deck
  • The smell of garbage and leftovers
  • Measures against infection
  • Fishy odors and rotten odors

【Used cars】
【Rental cars・car sharing】


【Maintenance shop】




【Cargo trucks・trucks・containers】


【Buses・large vehicles】


【Social welfare vehicles】


* If used for buses, trucks, etc., use multiples of it.
* It does not deodorize or eliminate bacteria of all odors, bacteria and viruses. The effects may differ depending on the environment and strength of the smell.



  • 1. Close the windows and doors of the car and keep them tightly closed as much as possible. Stop the air conditioner and use it with the engine in an off state.
  • 2. Remove a gas generator from A.
  • 3. Open the inner lid, tear the gas-generating bag, and put all of its contents into the container.
  • 4. Shake the container lightly so that the powder becomes even in the container.
  • 5. Close the inner lid and then pour gas-generating solution from above of the inner lid.
  • 6. Gas generates, so you have to get out of the car.
  • 7. The application will be finished in one hour.
  • 8. If you feel particularly annoyed about the smell of the air conditioner, turn on the engine, turn on the air conditioner, put it in “interior air recirculation” state and leave it for more than ten minutes.
  • 9. After ventilating inside of the car, the process is finished.
  • 10. After use, pour in the neutralizer from above the inner lid, and dispose of all the liquid.
  • * Use the product after reading instruction manual carefully.
  • ● Use the product after carefully reading how to use it.
  • ● This product is not food. If you ate it by mistake, please consult with your doctor.
  • ● When you move the powder of gas generator to the container, please be careful not to suck it in.
  • ● Chlorine dioxide gas itself does not have a bleaching effect, but the liquid in the container has bleaching effects. Be careful not to spill or splash the liquid over floor mats, seats, cloth products, clothing, etc.
    If you spilled the liquid, it may cause stains, discoloration, etc., so please wipe it off immediately with a wet cloth.
  • ● If you misuse the product, the liquid may splash. If it splashed, it may bleach the objects it adhered to, so wipe it off immediately with a wet cloth.
  • ● When gas-generator (A) contains water, chemical reaction will progress. Please avoid working with wet hands or using it in places where water splashes.
  • ● After opening the aluminum bag and if you leave agent A there, the bag of agent A may be damaged or dissolved. If it is damaged, please dispose of it in accordance with a normal method of use.
  • ● If the neutralizer is poured into the gas-generating powder directly, be careful as the liquid may generate heat rapidly and the container may get hot or damaged.
  • ● When the product is in use, you cannot stay iniside or go in or out of the car. If you went in and out, the effects may not be obtained.
  • ● If you feel unwell while using the product, stop using the product and ventilate the car immediately.
  • ● If your skin or eyes are exposed to the product, flush them with water immediately and thoroughly. Also, in case any abnormality appears, please consult with your doctor.
  • ● Do not leave things which you might put into your mouth, such as food or drinks, inside the car when you use the product. If you use it with such things left inside the car, please dispose of them without putting them into your mouth.
  • ● After the neutralizer is poured, a strong irritant odor (sulfur odor) will occur. Be careful not to put your nose close in and smell it.
  • ● Even if you stop using the product midway, be sure to pour in the neutralizer after more than one hour has passed.
  • ● When you dispose of the liquid after its use, be careful not to spill or touch the liquid directly.
  • ● This product is a deodorant/disinfectant for cars. Do not use it for any other purposes, or in other spaces or places.
  • ● The effects may differ depending on target odors, bacteria or used environment. It cannot remove all kinds of bad odors or bacteria.
  • ● Use it in an area away from direct sunlight.
  • ● Do not use it in a container other than its special use container. It may cause corrosion or damage.
  • ● Be sure to put it in the underfoot of the passenger seat. If you have installed it in other places, the effects may not be obtained.
  • ● Do not put it within the reach of children.
  • ● Please store it in a place that avoids direct sunlight, high temperatures or high humidity.
  • ● Do not mix it with other products, foreign objects or acidic substances (vinegar, etc.).
  • ● Do not use it together with other products.
  • ● Do not use this product other than for business purposes.